We're Starting a New Supply Drive!

Beginning November 1st, our organization will be hosting a supply drive with the simple goal of gaining donations in the form of toiletries, hygiene supplies, and other household items that could be useful for our patients.

The timeline is slim, as the drive will be concluding on November 5th.

The importance of this drive can not be understated. Extra pairs of clothes and other household items help us accommodate more people, which is essential for helping individuals recover from substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders. Some of these people have been turned away from family and friends due to their conditions, and being able to come to a judgment-free place where there are the proper everyday items to accommodate them could be just what they need.

Show your support for the recovery community and consider donating to the drive. You can have satisfaction knowing that you have made someone's path to recovery all the smoother.

We still have high hopes for our supply drive, and we hope you are interested in participating.



The place to donate at our address, 1625 12th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205. 

Due to health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that everyone who comes to donate supplies drops of their donations in the drop box outside our building.